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Hobby Flex Dist. Dealer Policies


MAP Policies:

All dealers should review our MAP policy page, some brands choose to set a MAP "Minimum advertised price" each policy will be listed per each brand. Be sure you and your shop are aware of how each policy is written. Shops who violate any of the MAP policies may receive up to three warnings. If at the third warning the shop has not become compliant with such policy/s ordering for such brand may be declined, the shops account may also be canceled. 


 New Accounts:

All dealers looking to open a new account shall familiarize themselves with the requirements on the “New Accounts” page. While we have tried to keep accounts simple to open and keep our dealer-distributor relationship relaxed we do have some polices to ensure only those with legitimate shops are able to open an account with us. We do not sell to the end user also known as the hobby shops customer. If you are an end user, please reach out to your local hobby shop. If you need help finding one, please email us at info@hobbyflexdist (dot) com and we will help you find a shop nearest you. If you would like items we offer and your local shop does not have an account with us, reach out to your shop and ask them to open an account with us. We are always looking to help supply great shops with great products.



All accounts shall order via our website. This allows you are dealers to see the products we offer, pricing and stock. Our website has the most up to date inventory, our stock is always live. Once you place your order the inventory quantities are held for your order. This means you will always know what you will be receiving. We guarantee a 99.99% fulfillment rate.



We ship via USPS and UPS. You may use ether option at checkout, once you have added items to your cart you will see the various shipping options and the cost associated with them. Do note some items may require ground transportation. If you only see UPS at checkout, your order must only be shipped via UPS Ground. At the moment we do not offer free shipping, we are working on adding this is the near future. If you would like to send us your own shipping label, we can arrange for this, please email us at info@hobbyflexdist (dot) com.



Dealers are required to prepay for all orders, we do not offer open lines of credit. Orders may be paid via Credit Card or PayPal, we will also accept Money orders and Checks, any returned checks will be subject to a $30 charge.


Drop Shipping:

Dealers may have orders drop shipped directly to the customer. As we advance this feature, we will email our dealers. If a dealer has any questions about drop shipping, they should reach out to us directly for more information.


Pre Order / Back Orders:

We are working on functionality to offer our dealers the ability to pre order and to back order products.


Special Orders:

Select items are only offered via special order. To order a special-order product, please email us with the SKU and we will order in the product/s. These orders are invoiced separately, dealers may be required to pre pay up to 50% of the special-order price.