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Arcus Hobby Colors

Arcus Hobby Colors US Mighty Spirits Paint Set

Arcus Hobby Colors US Mighty Spirits Paint Set

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Thematic set of paints "US Mighty Spirits" (#5003)

Suitable for the camouflage of US strategic stealth bombers.

The set consists of 6 paints of 10 ml. Set contains:

  • 006 Clear Flat - Matte coating of US Stealth aircraft
  • 590 FS 36118 Medium Gunship Gray - Overall color of US B-2 Spirit stealth bomber
  • 591 FS 17875 Insignia White - Interior color of undercarriage,whell wells, bomb bays, etc
  • 551 FS 34087 Olive Drab - Standard color of US general-purpose aircraft bombs
  • 579 FS 36375 Light Ghost Gray - Modern color of US bomb munitionsB-83, B-61, JASSM, JSOW,JDAM, etc
  • 077 Burnt Metal - Unpainted engine panels and jet exhausts
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